“Baring it All: Selena Gomez Rocks a Sultry Cut-Out Dress, Flaunts Flesh-Toned Underwear on Stage”

Flesh tones: Selena Gomez exposed her underwear during her energetic performance at the 103.3 AMP Radio Birthday Bash concert in Boston on Sunday

Selena Gomez gave an electrifying performance at the 103.3 AMP Radio Birthday Bash concert held in Boston on Sunday. However, during her energetic act, the singer accidentally revealed her underwear to the audience.

Exotic: The Come & Get It singer's costume featured revealing cut-outs at the sides and back as well as a sexy slit in front

The singer of “Come & Get It” wore an exotic outfit with daring cut-outs on the sides and back, as well as a seductive slit in the front.

She's got rhythm: Selena was jazzed by the crowd and gave this performance her all

She's got rhythm: Selena was jazzed by the crowd and gave this performance her all

Selena was feeling the beat as she hit the stage, energized by the enthusiastic audience before her. She poured her heart and soul into every note, determined to give a show that would leave them all breathless. With rhythm in her bones, she let the music take over and delivered a performance that was infused with passion and intensity.

Oops again: Selena's flesh-hued underwear was showing again as her dress parted in the middle

Uh-oh, it’s happened again: Selena’s flesh-tone underwear has made an unexpected appearance as her dress has split down the middle.

Bouncy: Selena tossed her wild mane of brown hair around the stage as well

As Selena performed on stage, her luscious brown locks bounced and swayed with every move she made.

Loves her name: The 20-year-old star even had her name printed on her microphone in pink letters, ending it with a heart

She has a fondness for her name: The young celebrity went to the extent of having her name displayed on her microphone, using pink letters and adding a heart at the end.

She means business: The petite singer was a force to contend with

She was not to be underestimated: Despite her small stature, the singer possessed a strong determination.

Sing it out: Selena belted out her tune with heart and soul

Let’s hear it loud and clear: Selena passionately sang her song with all her heart and spirit.

Slender: The singer's workouts at the dance studio have paid off as she paraded her toned legs and waist before the live audience

Slender: The hard work put in by the singer during her dance studio workouts has clearly paid off, as she confidently showcased her toned waist and legs to the live audience.

Such a flirt: The long-haired starlet enjoyed the enthusiasm of the crowd

Such a flirt: The long-haired starlet enjoyed the enthusiasm of the crowd

What a tease! The actress with flowing locks basked in the adoration of her fans.

Natural born: Selena has what it takes to make a concert memorable

Innate Talent: Selena possesses the necessary skills to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Welcome: The former Wizards Of Waverly Place star had the ability to make everyone in the crowd feel special

Greetings! The ex-cast member of Wizards Of Waverly Place possessed a unique talent to make every individual in the audience feel valued and important.

Tour: Gomez will officially kick off her own Stars Dance Tour on August 14 at Vancouver's Rogers Arena

Gomez is all set to embark on her very own Stars Dance Tour from August 14 onwards, starting at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena.

Release date: Selena's Come & Get It album, already available for presale, officially hits shelves on July 23

Selena’s album, Come & Get It, is now open for presale and is set to be released on July 23. Make sure to mark your calendars for the official release date!

'Stoked': After her concert Selena posted a picture, writing: 'What an amazing crowd! Thank you. Getting stoked for my tour'

‘Excited’: Selena shared a photo on social media after her concert and captioned it with, ‘The crowd was fantastic! Thank you so much. I am getting excited for my upcoming tour.’

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