“Beauty beyond measure”: Selena Gomez rocks a stunning white minidress as she becomes the fresh face of a haircare brand with her fit physique on full display.

It’s pretty unbelievable that Selena Gomez has ever experienced a bad hair day. However, the singer now attributes haircare brand Pantene for revitalizing her locks as she takes on the role of their new ambassador. Selena encourages her fans by saying “strong is beautiful” while flaunting her gorgeous figure in a white mini dress in the latest TV commercials. Check out the video below.

Mane event: Selena Gomez boasts a beautiful mane as she serves as the new face of Pantene

Selena Gomez is now the latest face of Pantene and her gorgeous chocolate mane is definitely a showstopper. The campaign, photographed by Paola Kudacki, showcases Selena’s full-bodied locks while she praises the shampoo brand for helping her grow out her chestnut tresses to shoulder-length perfection. According to Selena, Pantene has made her hair practically unbreakable, which is a welcome relief for someone who struggles with hair breakage. It’s no wonder why Selena was picked as the new face of Pantene – her lustrous locks are truly enviable!

Exquisite: She tells fans that 'strong is beautiful' as she praises the brand for allowing her to grow her hair

Selena Gomez has shared her love for Pantene as she praises the brand for allowing her to grow her hair. The singer, who is currently on her Revival Tour, says she’s able to love her hair longer, despite blow-drying it frequently, thanks to the nourishing benefits of Pantene. Selena’s tour schedule is demanding, and her performances require a lot of hair flipping, but Pantene has helped keep her tresses strong and healthy. Her fans eagerly anticipate each performance of her tour, which began in May and will conclude with a show in Mexico in December.

Long and strong: It's hard to believe that Selena has ever had a bad hair day

It’s almost unbelievable how Selena always manages to have perfect hair, without any bad hair days.

In the coming days, the tour will make stops in Kansas City, Denver, and Phoenix after its recent performance in San Diego on Wednesday. Selena Gomez has been working on new music while traveling for her tour this year, and she even teased a picture on Instagram with the caption “After a few weeks in the studio bus safe to say… we are VERY close to album #2 #SG2”.

Tough: It's easy to see why Selena was chosen to be the face of the haircare brand

It’s not hard to understand why Selena was selected as the ambassador for the haircare product line.

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