“J.Lo’s Seductive Performance: Nude Bodysuit Reveals Her Stunning Figure at iHeartRadio Miami Concert!”

Despite being 46 years old, Jennifer Lopez still knows how to put on an incredible performance. During her appearance at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina concert in Miami, Florida, the pop diva stunned the audience with her amazing showmanship. In fact, she even showed off her toned rear to the crowd by bending over backwards, proving that age is just a number. Check out the video below to see her impressive performance.

Peekaboo: Jennifer wasn't afraid to flash her derriere at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina concert in Miami on Saturday, donning several revealing outfits that emphasized her still outstanding figure

Peekaboo! Jennifer didn’t shy away from showing off her backside at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina concert in Miami over the weekend. She opted for several daring outfits that accentuated her impressive physique.

Phenomenal: Jennifer's known for following a strict diet and exercise regime

Fruits of her labour: It certainly showed when she took to the stage

Jennifer is well-known for her strict diet and exercise routine, which was evident during her recent stage performance. As the show progressed, she gradually shed more clothing to unveil her impressively toned physique.

At the beginning of the show, the iconic singer appeared on stage wearing a white skirt that reached the floor. The skirt featured two daring slits up the legs, which added a touch of edginess to her outfit. Her top was adorned with large white stars, effectively concealing her gem-studded, cleavage-enhancing undergarment.

However, it wasn’t long before Jennifer shed the bottom skirt to reveal a strategically placed, star-embellished sheer bodysuit. This daring outfit choice showcased her impeccable figure, leaving the audience in awe.

 Absolute beauty: J-Lo totally owned the stage in her array of revealing ensembles

J-Lo’s stunning beauty was on full display as she confidently dominated the stage in a variety of daring and attention-grabbing outfits.

Nothing but nude: JLo's outfit only got more lascivious from there, as she ended up pulling even the stars off, leaving her in what turned out to be a nude bodysuit with the aforementioned jeweled top portion

Nothing but nude: JLo's outfit only got more lascivious from there, as she ended up pulling even the stars off, leaving her in what turned out to be a nude bodysuit with the aforementioned jeweled top portion

JLo’s clothing choice took a turn towards the provocative as she removed even the stars from her outfit. Eventually, she was left with a nude bodysuit that had a jeweled top section.

Elegant: To start the show, the recording icon showed up in what appeared to be a floor length white skirt, with two daring slits up legs

Stylish: The commencement of the presentation featured the recording icon sporting what seemed to be a long white skirt that flowed elegantly towards the floor, with two bold slits running up the sides of her legs.

Quite a show: As the show went on, more and more of her clothes came off

It was definitely an eye-catching performance: with each passing moment, she shed more and more of her attire.

All-star: But before long, the bottom skirt element came off to reveal she was actually wearing a strategically star-emblazoned sheer bodysuit

Before you knew it, the lower part of her skirt disappeared and uncovered a sheer bodysuit that was strategically adorned with stars – a true all-star outfit.

Leggy Lopez: Her luscious legs were on full display in some very fine fishnet stockings, and their length was emphasized further by a pair of high-heel, open toe lace-up booties

Leggy Lopez showcased her gorgeous gams in a stunning pair of fishnet stockings that highlighted their length even more. Completing the look were high-heeled lace-up booties with an open-toe design.

Leggy: The pop princess lengthened her frame with a pair of snakeskin lace-up boots with a block heel

Leggy: The popular female singer made herself taller by wearing snakeskin lace-up boots with a block heel.

Star power: The top was covered in big white stars, which served to cover her gem-studded, cleavage accentuating undergarment

The upper part was adorned with large white stars that cleverly concealed her bedazzled and chest-enhancing lingerie.

Old school: Her brunette locks also changed over the course of the show, starting with a throwback do, Jenny from the Block impressed with big 80s style, but settled for a tight ponytail after her outfit change

Traditional: During the show, her brown hair also underwent a transformation. Initially, she sported a vintage hairstyle reminiscent of the past, while also impressing the audience with a stunning 80s look. However, she eventually settled for a sleek ponytail after changing her outfit.

Paraphrased: Throughout the course of the program, Jennifer Lopez’s dark locks went through several alterations. She began with an old-school hairdo, channeling a retro vibe. Later, she wowed the viewers with a bold 80s-inspired style. Eventually, though, she opted for a more contemporary and streamlined look, opting to tie her hair back into a tight ponytail.

Hot to trot: The bombshell wasn't afraid to sweat it out as she performed the high-energy routines

Ready to rock: The stunning lady didn’t shy away from putting in the work as she delivered the dynamic moves with full force.

Impressive: With her ringlet curls and matte red lips, Jennifer looked like a brunette Marilyn Monroe on-stage

Amazing: As she flaunted her bouncy ringlet curls and bold matte red lips under the spotlight, Jennifer resembled a stunning brunette version of the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Young at heart: She wasn't afraid to get down and dirty with some of the show's topless dancers

Full of youthful energy: She showed no fear in joining the show’s bare-chested dancers and getting a little wild.

The audience couldn’t help but admire J Lo’s stunning appearance as she flaunted her beautiful legs in a pair of exquisite fishnet stockings and open-toe high-heel booties. Her attire only got more risqué as she proceeded to strip off even the stars, ultimately revealing a nude bodysuit with a sparkling jeweled top. During her performance, she amazed everyone by changing into a silver sequined top with disconnected sleeves and dark sheer tights that complemented her lower half perfectly.

What a show: JLo was glowing as she strut her curvy physique backstage at the show

Wow, the performance was absolutely incredible! JLo looked radiant as she elegantly showcased her voluptuous figure behind the scenes at the event.

Crowded stage: Of course she also had several surprise guests join her onstage, including Puerto Rican reggaeton star Wisen and singer Prince Royce

The stage was filled with a flurry of excitement as the artist welcomed some unexpected guests to join her performance. Among them were the renowned Puerto Rican reggaeton sensation, Wisen, and the talented singer, Prince Royce.

Watching out: Wisen seemed to enjoy the accents on J Lo's costume

Observing closely: Wisen appeared to be delighted with the intricate accents on J Lo’s outfit.

Dramatic: The skirt part of J-Lo's dress flew dramatically thanks to a wind machine

Exciting: J-Lo’s dress skirt was wind-blown in a sensational manner due to the use of a wind machine.

Flawless: Jennifer's phenomenal physique was on full display in the risque leotard

Jennifer’s stunning body was showcased in the daring leotard, exhibiting her flawless physique.

Her moment: The New York native appeared to completely own the stage in Miami

The stage in Miami was completely dominated by the New York native who had her moment.

Vocal powerhouse: The mother-of-two dominated the stage with her impressive singing talents

With her exceptional singing skills, the mother-of-two absolutely owned the stage as a vocal powerhouse.

Dancing queen: It looked like the brunette bombshell was about to twerk against Alvaro Soler - but it could've been completely innocent

The woman seemed to be getting ready to dance with Alvaro Soler, possibly even twerking, although it’s uncertain if there was any provocative intention behind her movements.

Muscular: J-Lo's toned thighs were on show in the nude fishnet tights

J-Lo flaunted her well-defined thigh muscles in a pair of sheer, nude fishnet stockings.

Brunette beauty: Her make-up look was gorgeous, boasting a matte red lip and taupe smokey eye

The attractive woman with brown hair had an impressive make-up style that showcased a beautiful matte red lip and a taupe smokey eye.

Costume change: Later in the performance, the Let's Get Loud hitmaker made a costume change, and appeared in a silvery sequined top with matching disconnected sleeves on her forearms

Switching things up during her show, the beloved singer of Let’s Get Loud donned a new outfit. She emerged in a glittering silver top adorned with sequins and paired with separate sleeves that were disconnected from her forearms.

Raunchy: The lower half of her outfit consisted of black fishnet tights, narrowly avoiding a wardrobe malfunction in her sequinned mini-dress

Sensual: She rocked a sequinned mini-dress that was paired with black fishnet tights, giving off a seductive vibe while managing to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

Leggy: She further accentuated her toned pins in a pair of black suede over-the-knee boots

Leggy: In addition to her perfectly toned legs, she complemented them with a stylish pair of black suede boots that went over-the-knee.

Changing it up: She mixed things up with nude lips, smokey eyes, a tight ponytail and hooped earrings

JLo decided to switch things up during her performance by opting for a neutral lip color and dark, smoky eyes. She also changed up her hairstyle throughout the show, starting with a vintage hairdo but ultimately settling on a sleek ponytail after changing her outfit. In addition to her impressive solo performances, JLo surprised the audience by bringing out reggaeton star Wisen and singer Prince Royce to perform with her. Despite sharing the stage, JLo still managed to showcase her incredible dance skills with some sultry choreography.

Eye-catching: A number of Jennifer's fans were seen taking snaps of the singer on their phones 

Captivating: A handful of admirers of Jennifer were spotted capturing pictures of the songstress using their mobile devices.

Best of pals: Prince Royce and Jennifer looked like they had a blast on-stage together

Prince Royce and Jennifer appeared to have a great time performing together on stage, showing off their close friendship.

Competition? Prince Royce decided to strip off some of his own costume

Want to know how Prince Royce added a unique twist to his performance? He decided to shed some of his own costume, making the competition even more interesting.

Homeward bound: Jennifer couldn't have looked more elated as she came off stage after the performance

Heading home: Jennifer was beaming with joy as she walked off the stage after the show.

Loving life: The NYC star writhed about on the stage as she took to the microphone

Enjoying Life: The New York City celebrity moved rhythmically on the platform while holding the microphone.

Getting into it: The brunette was accompanied by a host of passionate dancers on-stage

Starting off: The dark-haired performer was joined on the stage by a group of enthusiastic dancers.

Wow-factor: J-Lo's pert derriere was emphasised by the skintight number

The stunning Latina celebrity confidently displayed her impeccable physique in a form-fitting jumpsuit that accentuated her well-toned body. Aside from her upcoming performance, Jennifer is busy filming her latest gritty police series, Shades of Blue, on the streets of her hometown, New York. Moreover, she is scheduled to headline a new residency show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, which will commence on January 20th. As a doting mother to her twins, Max and Emme, both six years old, from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony, she continues to balance her professional and personal life seamlessly. Fans can also catch her as she hosts the highly anticipated American Music Awards, airing on ABC on November 22nd at 8pm.

Busy woman: In addition to the concert, Jennifer is filming her new gritty cop drama Shades of Blue on the streets of her native New York, and is set to appear at a new Las Vegas residency show at Planet Hollywood starting January 20th

Jennifer is a woman with a full plate. Not only is she involved in a concert, but she’s also working on a new cop drama called Shades of Blue in the bustling streets of New York, her hometown. On top of all that, she’ll be making an appearance in a Las Vegas residency show at Planet Hollywood, which begins on January 20th. It seems like Jennifer has got a lot going on!

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