“J.Lo’s Ultimate Chill Spot: The Dominican Republic’s Serene Lagoon Where She Takes a Breather from ‘Shotgun Wedding’ Filming in a Tattered Bridal Gown”

Jennifer Lopez decided to take a break from her hectic filming schedule of Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic and spent some time relaxing at her favorite lagoon. She looked serene and stunning in a beautifully worn wedding dress, but lately, there has been some trouble in paradise both personally and with regards to the film. The casting shakeup due to Armie Hammer’s alleged cannibalism and abuse has caused some disruption, and reports of a split between Jennifer and Alex Rodriguez have added to her busy few months.

Breather: Jennifer Lopez, 51, takes a break from filming Shotgun Wedding as she unwinds by her 'favorite lagoon' in the Dominican Republic

Jennifer Lopez, who is currently filming Shotgun Wedding, recently took a breather to relax by her “favorite lagoon” in the Dominican Republic. Even in full costume, the 51-year-old Bronx native looked stunning as she checked her phone and unwound by the picturesque lagoon. Her tattered, blood-stained gown and distressed combat boots didn’t detract from her beauty, and her hair was stylishly swept back in an updo. Despite flashing a banged-up knee, it remains unclear how intense her stunts on set have been. In one photo, J.Lo was captured kicking back in a chair with her eyes closed, enjoying a moment of peace with one of her sparkling cups beside her.

Set life: In another shot she was seen kicking her feet back in a chair and softly closing her eyes, with one of her many sparkling cups beside her

A glimpse into her daily routine: In a separate photo, she was captured relaxing in a chair, kicking her feet up and shutting her eyes gently. One of her numerous glittery cups was placed beside her, adding a touch of glamour to the scene.

Busy lady: She looked every bit the stunner despite her tattered, blood covered gown, and distressed combat boots

Despite the fact that her gown was tattered and splattered with blood, and her combat boots were distressed, this busy lady looked stunning. In one photo, she gazed longingly at her surroundings under the cover of low-hanging trees. During one of her long days on set, she took a little break and appeared relaxed as she posted three photos captioned “Sitting by my favorite lagoon…” with hashtags such as “working in paradise,” “set life,” and “producer life.” She has been working hard on set since the end of February. However, the production encountered difficulties at the start when Hammer had to be replaced due to allegations of BDSM-style abuse and cannibalism. The actor has staunchly denied these accusations. Josh Duhamel was subsequently chosen to replace him as Lopez’s spouse. The movie tells the story of a couple whose destination wedding is taken hostage.

Casting shakeup: Duhamel was tapped to replace Hammer as Lopez's spouse in the film following the controversy around his alleged cannibalism and BDSM style abuse; Hammer pictured 2020

Casting shakeup: Duhamel was tapped to replace Hammer as Lopez's spouse in the film following the controversy around his alleged cannibalism and BDSM style abuse; Duhamel pictured 2019

The movie’s casting had to undergo some changes due to the scandal surrounding Hammer’s supposed cannibalistic and BDSM behavior. Duhamel was brought in to replace Hammer as Lopez’s on-screen partner.

Destination wedding: The action comedy follows a couple whose destination wedding in the Dominican Republic gets taken hostage; pictured March 19

The plot of the action comedy film revolves around a couple who are having a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic when they get taken hostage. While it’s not as scandalous as the fall from grace experienced by a Call Me By Your Name actor, Jennifer Lopez has also had some bumps in her relationship. She and her fiance A-Rod reportedly hit a rough patch recently, with rumors of a split circulating. However, the couple released a statement that they were working through things. It’s possible that a third party may have caused issues in their seemingly perfect relationship, as A-Rod was forced to deny cheating allegations made by Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy. She claimed that she had exchanged messages and video calls with the former MLB player, and had previously hinted at an affair with a married baseball player.

Trouble in paradise: It was reported that the engaged couple had split, before they released a joint statement saying they were 'working through some things'; pictured February 28

Reports suggest that the engaged couple had faced some issues in their relationship, leading to a split. However, they later released a joint statement stating their efforts to work through their problems. Allegations were made about Rodriguez’s involvement with Madison LeCroy, but he denied knowing her. Although LeCroy and her fellow Bravo cast members admitted to talking to Rodriguez, she clarified that they were only acquaintances, and nothing physical happened between them. To rebuild their relationship, Rodriguez has been going out of his way to demonstrate his loyalty and love for JLo by frequently visiting her while she films in the Dominican Republic. It is apparent that both are prioritizing their relationship, and Lopez previously mentioned about undergoing couple’s therapy, which she found helpful. Recently, JLo posted a photo from the pool with her kids, Emme and Maximilian, 13, with A-Rod nowhere in sight, but last week, he was seen posting from the pool at the Villa Tres Ammaras where JLo has been staying.

Where's A-Rod? On Wednesday she posted a photo from the pool at her DR residence with just her two kids Emme and Maximilian, 13 ¿ A-Rod missing in action; pictured March 30

Have you seen A-Rod lately? J-Lo shared a picture on Wednesday of her chilling by the pool in her Dominican Republic home with her two children, Emme and Maximilian, both 13 years old. However, it seems like her fiancé, A-Rod, was nowhere to be found in the photo.

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