Oops! Jennifer Lawrence’s Hangover-Induced Mishap: A Massive Tear in Her Designer Dress Revealed During a Lively Late Night Interview, Where She Talks About Her Bar Brawl Experience.

During her appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Jennifer Lawrence donned an Alexander Wang dress from the designer’s Resort 2018 collection. The actress seemed to have torn a hole in the skintight dress while passionately recounting a bar fight she got into during a night out in Budapest, where she was filming for her upcoming movie Red Sparrow. While sipping red wine with the host, Lawrence spilled the details of the brawl, revealing that it was a “real bar fight”. The 27-year-old also discussed her new film Mother! which had premiered the day before.

Oopsy! Jennifer Lawrence donned a massive hole in her skintight dress as she animatedly recounted a bar fight last night during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers

Whoopsie! During her appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Jennifer Lawrence excitedly shared a story about getting into a bar fight the previous night, all while unknowingly showing off a large tear in her form-fitting dress.

Story time: As she recounted the incident, Jennifer accidentally revealed a hole in her Alexander Wang dress, underneath her right arm

Let me tell you a little story: Jennifer was telling us about what happened to her, when she suddenly mentioned that there was a small tear in her Alexander Wang dress, right under her arm.

Outing: Jennifer and her friends were at a bar, where it happened to be Beer Night, when a man came up to the actress and asked for a selfie

Hangout: Jennifer and her squad were chilling at a local pub, celebrating Beer Night with fellow party-goers. Suddenly, a dude approached the actress and requested for a snapshot together.

At a Beer Night in a bar, Jennifer and her companions encountered a man who approached the actress for a selfie. Despite being under the influence of alcohol, which was unusual for her, Jennifer turned down his request. The man persisted, but Jennifer remained adamant. Frustrated, the man swore at her, which triggered a reaction from the actress. Out of nowhere, she lost her cool and splashed beers over him while yelling at him. Jennifer recounted the incident candidly during an interview with Seth.

Oh no you didn't: She declined to take a selfie with the man, at which point he insisted, but to no avail. When the stranger realized Jennifer wouldn't budge, he blurted: 'Yeah, well f**k you'

Well, well, well, what do we have here? The lady in question politely declined to take a selfie with a man who approached her. Despite his insistence, she remained firm in her decision. Eventually, the man lost his temper and hurled an offensive remark at her.

As it happened; 'Something in me just snapped,' the actress revealed, before recounting the rest of the incident with her usual candor

The actress disclosed that she experienced a sudden breaking point where “something in me just snapped.” She then went on to narrate the rest of the occurrence with her typical openness.

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Alteration: During a bar fight, she recalls, “I couldn’t believe he said ‘F**k you’ to me. I immediately grabbed him and started pouring beers all over him.”

Soothing: Eventually, one of her friends grabbed her from behind and told her not to waste beer, which for some reason enabled her to relax immediately

Calming: In due time, one of her companions approached her from the back and advised her not to squander the beer. This inexplicably eased her nerves right away.

 Uncomfortable: She had complained about the skintight, lacy garment earlier on in the interview, at one point declaring she couldn't sit straight anymore

Discomfort: During the interview, Jennifer expressed her discomfort with the tight and lacy outfit she was wearing. She even mentioned that it was difficult for her to sit properly. Later, when a man approached her carrying a suitcase, she reacted instinctively by giving it the same treatment. However, her friend intervened and reminded her not to waste beer, which helped her relax. As Jennifer shared her experience, she unintentionally revealed a hole in her dress under her right arm. She also confessed that she would have preferred to wear sweatpants instead of the constricting dress.

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