Rockstar Miley Cyrus bares it all in Gucci! The pop icon shocks with a risqué move as she unzips her romper to show off her cleavage in a legendary studio.

The Gucci house is definitely having a wild week thanks to the one and only Miley Cyrus. The singer, known for her unpredictable style, has released four new pictures on Instagram that are sure to raise some eyebrows. In these photos, the 29-year-old artist from Tennessee can be seen pushing boundaries by opening her legs, unzipping her romper to reveal cleavage, and sticking out her tongue.

Naughty but nice: Miley Cyrus is certainly is shaking up the house of Gucci this week

With her bold and daring moves, Miley Cyrus is definitely causing a stir at Gucci this week.

The crooner at work: The star has likely pushed the limits for the Italian fashion house with new images shared to Instagram on Thursday

The singer is definitely making a statement for Italian fashion house, Gucci, with her latest Instagram post. She shared some new images on Thursday featuring herself in a belted beige romper and logo boots from the fashion brand. The talented crooner was also spotted wearing the same outfit earlier in the week while at the Sunset Sound Studio. In her first caption, she announced an upcoming performance with Green Day at the SB Music Fest, happening at the Arena in Los Angeles on February 12th.

Well, she does make the brand look great! The 29-year-old singer from Tennessee was seen opening her legs, unzipping her romper to flash cleavage and sticking out her tongue

The 29-year-old singer from Tennessee is certainly doing a great job of promoting the brand! Recently, she was caught on camera unzipping her romper to flash her cleavage and sticking out her tongue. She even encouraged her fans to get tickets for her upcoming performance through a website called In addition, she shared a photo that was taken by a photographer named Myles Hendrik at Sunset Sound Studios, a famous recording studio in Hollywood where many legendary artists have recorded their music. She also posted a picture with the caption “Day at the office” on Thursday. It seems like this talented singer is enjoying her work and having fun while representing the brand.

Wild out: In each photo the blonde beauty was modeling a belted beige Gucci romper and a pair of boots with the logo on it

Let loose: The photos showcase the stunning blonde wearing a stylish Gucci romper with a belt and matching boots that flaunt the brand’s logo.

A historical spot: Earlier in the week she was seen in the same outfit while at the Sunset Sound Studio

A place with a rich past: Recently, the singer was spotted wearing the same attire she wore earlier in the week while visiting the Sunset Sound Studio. As a representative of Gucci’s Flora Fantasy fragrance, she has been keeping busy. It wasn’t long ago that rumors about her dating life were swirling. On New Year’s Eve, Cyrus was seen holding hands with Maxx Morando. Some video footage on Twitter shows her singing and dancing with the Lilly drummer backstage during breaks from hosting her “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party” NBC special alongside Pete Davidson. These actions have only added to the speculation surrounding their relationship.

A very special day: She also said: '@myleshendrik shot this photo on a very special day at Sunset Sound Studios'

On a memorable occasion, Miley Cyrus expressed her appreciation for a snapshot taken by @myleshendrik at the Sunset Sound Studios. The pop star was first seen with Maxx during Gucci’s ‘Love Parade’ fashion show in Los Angeles last November. Cyrus debuted a new track called ‘You’ during her year-end special, which many fans believe to be about Maxx based on the lyrics. The song mentions carrying personal baggage and causing damage while seeking a spontaneous and long-lasting love that can only be found with a specific person.

The shades are on: She flashed her tattoos - and her chest - when wearing sunglasses

With her shades on, she revealed her tattoos and flaunted her cleavage.

A boots up kind of day: The former country singer was advertising the kicks well

It was a day that called for boots – and the ex-country singer was doing a great job promoting them.

This is her office: And on Thursday she shared, 'Day at the office,' as she held her guitar

Check out her workspace! Miley Cyrus shared a glimpse of her office on Thursday while holding her guitar. But that’s not the only thing that caught everyone’s attention during her performance of ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ as her top broke, causing a bit of a commotion. However, she quickly returned to the stage in a red blazer she wore earlier in the show. As she sang the famous line, “Everybody’s definitely looking at me now,” she made sure to emphasize it. In a playful tone, she added, “I’m still in the most clothes that I’ve ever worn on stage.”

A more quiet vibe: The looker place sher hands on her guitar as she rested her head on her wrist

A serene atmosphere: She gently placed her fingers on the strings of her guitar and rested her head on her wrist.

Miley Cyrus, who ended her marriage with Liam Hemsworth in August 2019, after being married for only eight months and briefly dating Kaitlyn Carter and Cody Simpson, recently shared that she used to believe she couldn’t survive without a partner. However, she realized that her life had a different purpose. She confessed that she had a theory that she would die if she didn’t have someone to kiss her every night. But during the pandemic, she found a new purpose in music, which became the glue that held her together. Miley feels grateful to be a musician.

Can it be? This comes weeks after she sparked dating rumours. Cyrus was spotted holding hands with Maxx Morando on New Year's Eve

Is it true? This news comes a few weeks after speculations about her dating life. On New Year’s Eve, Cyrus was seen holding hands with Maxx Morando.

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