“Selena Gomez Rocks Urban Style in Adidas Clothing Line Shoot, Adding a Sexy Twist to Sneakers”

Ready for action: Selena Gomez modelled her collection for Adidas' Neo label

Selena Gomez was fully prepared to showcase her latest line for Adidas’ Neo brand. The singer and actress posed as the model for the collection, exuding confidence and style.

Leggy: The actress wore a pair of denim shorts and knee high socks

Leggy appeared to don denim shorts complemented by knee high socks.

Sitting pretty: Selena wore her long dark hair loose as she posed on the roof top

Looking stunningly gorgeous, Selena let her long, luscious dark hair flow freely as she struck a pose on the rooftop.

Pout: The star certainly looked at home modelling for the sports wear company

The celebrity appeared quite comfortable posing for the sports apparel brand. Her pout added to the overall effect of the photoshoot.

Different faces: Selena showed she can pull a variety poses as she smiled and looked sexy

Selena proved her versatility in front of the camera by displaying different facial expressions, including a sultry and alluring smile.

Blowing bubbles:  The star had fun on the shoot blowing bubbles

Having a bubbly time: The celebrity enjoyed their photoshoot as they played around with blowing bubbles.

Good look: Selena slipped on a second pair of shorts - this time in pink with bright pink trainers

Looking great: Selena adorned herself with another pair of shorts, this time in a pink hue, complemented with bright pink trainers.

Quick change: Selena was given a hand putting on her trainers in between shots

Selena received some assistance in putting on her sneakers during the photo shoot breaks, allowing for a quick wardrobe change.

Bikini fan: After Spring Breakers the star is more than happy to wear a bikini

A lover of bikinis: Following her appearance in Spring Breakers, the celebrity is now delighted to rock a bikini.

Urban: Selena looked at home in the city landscape

Selena appeared to blend perfectly into the bustling city scenery.

Long day: Selena seemed to be working right up until it got dark

Selena had a jam-packed day as she was working tirelessly until the sun went down.

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