“Selena Gomez Shines in a Stunning Strapless Tangerine Dress at the Premiere of her Produced Series, 13 Reasons Why”

After nearly a decade-long journey, Selena Gomez had every right to feel a sense of pride as she graced the red carpet at the premiere of 13 Reasons Why, donning a captivating strapless tangerine dress. Although the 24-year-old star wasn’t appearing in front of the camera this time, she still managed to radiate confidence and steal the show in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday night.

Golden girl: Selena Gomez was unmissable in tangerine as she stepped out on the red carpet for the premiere of 13 Reasons Why in Los Angeles on Thursday

Selena Gomez made a bold fashion statement at the Los Angeles premiere of 13 Reasons Why, which she produced for Netflix. The pop star donned a striking tangerine dress that complemented her sunny disposition and executive role in bringing the Jay Asher book to the small screen. Selena’s mom gave her the young adult mystery novel in 2008, and after falling in love with it, she acquired the rights to the story. To mark the nearly ten-year journey, the Hands To Myself singer wore a strapless yellow iridescent dress that glimmered like gold under the light. The bandage-style outfit showcased a tulip skirt that accentuated her legs.

Big moment: The Hands To Myself star wore a yellow iridescent bandage dress which glowed gold in the light

Big moment: The Hands To Myself star wore a yellow iridescent bandage dress which glowed gold in the light

Exciting news: The popular singer, known for her hit song “Hands To Myself,” donned a stunning dress made of iridescent orange bandages that shimmered in a golden hue as the light hit it.

Star power: The pop star is the executive producer of the new 13-part Netflix series and was instrumental in bringing the book by the same name to the screen

Celeb Influence: The executive producer of a fresh 13-episode Netflix program is none other than the famous pop star. They played a vital role in adapting the book, which shares its name with the show, for television audiences.

Family effort: In 2008, the star's mom Mandy Teefey (pictures) gave her the novel by Jay Asher and, after loving the young adult mystery, they optioned the story rights. The pair both wore blue nail polish, as did many of the cast, the color is symbolic in 13 Reasons Why

Back in 2008, Selena Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey, introduced her to Jay Asher’s novel, which she enjoyed reading. Both of them were so impressed by the young adult mystery that they decided to buy the rights to the story. Interestingly, blue nail polish was a favorite among the cast, symbolically representing a theme in the show, and Selena rocked it with her nude heels and circular drop earrings. She showed off her ‘g’ tattoo behind her ear, dedicated to her younger sister Gracie. However, 13 Reasons Why is not all sunshine and rainbows – it portrays a rather somber tale centered around the protagonist, Hannah, played by Katherine Langford, who takes her own life.

Special ink: The songstress wore her dark locks gelled back against her head revealing her tiny 'g' tattoo behind her ear. The piece of ink is in honor of her younger sister Gracie

The singer had her hair slicked back, showcasing a small ‘g’ tattoo placed behind her ear. This particular ink holds sentimental value as it pays tribute to her younger sister named Gracie.

Tragic tale: The book and the series is rather dark, with tale revolving around a young woman, Hannah (played by Katherine Langford - seen here), who takes her own life

The story of the book and series is quite somber, focusing on a young woman named Hannah (portrayed by Katherine Langford) who tragically ends her own life. Following her death, 13 individuals from her high school are sent a package containing cassette tapes that reveal how they contributed to her decision. Each person is compelled to listen to the tapes or risk having their secrets exposed, but the question remains: how can Hannah communicate this from beyond the grave? Recently, Selena – who recently underwent a 90-day rehabilitation program to cope with her anxiety and depression – shared that the portrayal of someone’s emotional struggle deeply resonated with her.

Mystery: After her death, 13 people from her high school receive a package of cassette tapes which informs them they are the reasons why she took their own life

Imagine receiving a mysterious package after the passing of a fellow high school student. Inside are cassette tapes that reveal shocking information – you and 12 others are the reason this person chose to end their own life. This leaves you with more questions than answers and a haunting sense of guilt. How could this have happened? What could you have done differently? The mystery surrounding this tragic event is both intriguing and heart-wrenching.

Famous family: Kelsey Grammer's actress daughter Greer wore a black jumpsuit to the event

Famous family: Kelsey Grammer's actress daughter Greer wore a black jumpsuit to the event

Renowned celebrity clan: At the event, Greer Grammer, the daughter of well-known actor Kelsey Grammer, was adorned in a stylish black jumpsuit.

Wouldn't miss it: Courtney Love revealed she is a massive fan of the book by Jay Asher 

Courtney Love has expressed her adoration for Jay Asher’s book, confirming that she wouldn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to indulge in it.

Pop if color: Sophie Simmons wore a little black dress with electric blue nails which many of the cats also painted on their nails 

Sophie Simmons rocked a classic little black dress accompanied by fierce electric blue nails that caught the attention of many onlookers. According to CNN, Sophie revealed that the start of the show production coincided with a challenging time in her life. She shared that she spent 90 days away and met several children who were dealing with similar issues to those portrayed in the show. Sophie admitted that she could relate to the struggles presented in the series but on a different level.

Big role: ylan Minnette who plays Clay Jensen, who has a crush on Hannah but is also her closest pal

Significant contribution: Dylan Minnette brings life to the character of Clay Jensen, who not only harbors feelings for Hannah but also serves as her confidant.

Brandon Flynn

Justin Prentice

Playing with numbers: Two of the individuals accused of being involved in Hannah’s death are portrayed by actors Brandon Flynn and Justin Prentice, among the 13 accused in the show.

Knows the pain: This week Selena - who recently spent 90 days at a rehab to deal with anxiety and depression - told a media panel that the story of someone's emotional struggle really hit home hard for her

Selena, who recently spent three months in rehab to manage her anxiety and depression, shared during a media panel that she could relate to the emotional struggles of the characters in the upcoming Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”. She mentioned how growing up as a child star at Disney was difficult, especially when adults would tell her what to do with her life. Selena expressed how confusing it all was and how it still affects her. The show, which premieres on Friday, stars Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, a boy who has feelings for Hannah, his close friend, and Kate Walsh as Hannah’s mother.

Big name: Kate Walsh star's as Hannah's mom in the series which starts streaming Friday

Renowned actress Kate Walsh will be playing the role of Hannah’s mother in the upcoming series, set to be released for streaming this Friday.

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