“Selena Gomez’s Bittersweet Emotions on Second-to-Last Episode of Only Murders In The Building, Yet Eager for Season Two!”

Selena Gomez shared a photo on her social media account to commemorate the most recent episode of her show, Only Murders In The Building. The talented 29-year-old artist, wrapped up in a Canada Goose puffer jacket, expressed both excitement and sadness as there was only one episode left to air for this season. She frowned at the camera while captioning the post, “New episode out today. Sad @onlymurdershulu only has 1 episode left. Can’t wait to shoot season 2!”

Don't be sad! Selena Gomez - bundled in a Canada Goose puffer - was a bit bummed that season one of her show Only Murders In The Building is coming to a close next week

Cheer up! Selena Gomez is feeling a little down as the first season of her show, Only Murders In The Building, is set to wrap up next week. In this hit series, Selena stars alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short as three true crime enthusiasts who reside in a New York City apartment complex. The trio must put their amateur detective skills to good use when a murder occurs in their building and they attempt to crack the case on their own. Selena recently shared that she enjoyed discussing what Hollywood was like in the past with her co-stars Steve and Martin.

Fun cast: The New York based show stars Gomez, far right, as well as acting vets Martin Short, center, and Steve Martin, far left

The show that is based in New York City features a fun-filled cast including the talented Gomez, who is situated on the far right, along with veteran actors Martin Short positioned in the center and Steve Martin on the far left. In an interview with People magazine, Gomez expressed how welcoming her co-stars were, making her feel like part of their trio. The actress also mentioned that both Martin Short and Steve Martin possess a unique human perspective on life that she has never encountered before. During her time with them, she was curious about their past experiences in the entertainment industry and enjoyed learning about it. Gomez revealed that they keep in touch through a group email chain.

What's cookin'? Selena's cooking show Selena + Chef will premiere season three October 28th

Hey there, what’s happening in the world of cooking? Well, Selena Gomez is making waves with her upcoming cooking show, Selena + Chef. The third season of the popular Hulu series is set to premiere on October 28th, and fans can’t wait to see what delicious dishes Selena has in store for them.

But that’s not all – Selena is also gearing up to release the third season of Selena + Chef on HBO Max, giving even more people the chance to watch her whip up some tasty treats. This time around, she’ll be joined by a talented group of foodies, including Aarón Sánchez, Ayesha Curry, Esther Choi, Fabio Viviani, Gabe Kennedy, Jamie Oliver, Kwame Onwuachi, Padma Lakshmi, Richard Blais, and Sophia Roe. It’s sure to be a mouth-watering adventure that food lovers won’t want to miss!

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