“Selena’s Solo Takeaway Adventure: Ex Bella Hadid Warns The Weeknd About Gomez’s Intentions”

On Tuesday night, Selena Gomez was seen leaving Boneyard Bistro located in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. The 24-year-old singer carried a big white plastic bag that could have contained some takeout food and her black purse. She looked stylish in orange pants with flared hems, giving her a retro-chic look during her night out.

Alone:  Selena Gomez picks up takeaway at Boneyard in Sherman Oaks, California on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Selena Gomez was seen picking up some takeout at Boneyard in Sherman Oaks, California. Her outfit featured a mix of brown and pale pink patterns on her top, which contrasted nicely with her long black coat. In a recent report by Us Weekly, it was revealed that The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid, had warned him about dating Gomez. Despite not being the best of friends, reports have claimed that Gigi Hadid’s sister is unhappy about the situation and thinks that the Same Old Love singer shouldn’t be with her former beau.

Looking stylish: The songstress who promotes wellness opted for a sleek black coat paired with trendy orange slacks and high heels.

Security man: The beauty had a guard with her who looked serious

The security personnel accompanying the pretty lady had a stern look on his face, according to reports. A close source revealed that Bella had tried to contact Abel a few times and warned him about Selena’s intentions. However, he dismissed it as jealousy on her part. It is said that Selena and The Weeknd became acquainted in November after the latter finished his rehab for depression. What started as a friendship between them soon turned romantic, fueled by their shared passion for creating sensuous music. When pictures of the new couple surfaced in January, Bella quickly unfollowed Selena on Instagram.

Cause for concern? Bella Hadid warns ex, The Weeknd, that Gomez is just using him as they record new music together, according to UsWeekly

Is there something to worry about? Bella Hadid allegedly cautions her ex-partner, The Weeknd, about his current collaborator, Selena Gomez, stating that she’s simply utilizing him for their music project, as reported by UsWeekly.

A source close to Bella told US weekly explains: 'Bella has reached out to Abel a few times and told him Selena is using him. He thinks she's just jealous'

An insider who is familiar with Bella’s situation revealed to US weekly that Bella has attempted to contact Abel and expressed her concerns that Selena is manipulating him. However, Abel seems to believe that Bella is just being envious. Additionally, Bella posted several photos that may suggest her thoughts on the relationship, including one where she displayed her middle finger. According to a source close to Bella, she is trying to caution her former partner about Selena’s behavior. Bella has taken notice of Selena’s history with the men she has worked with and how long those relationships have lasted, as per the magazine. For example, Selena had a brief fling with Zedd in January 2015 when they collaborated on the hit song “I Want You to Know.”

Suspicious: Selena's ex Justin Bieber reportedly believes this well-timed fling is all a ruse to promote the pair's new music together

According to reports, Justin Bieber, Selena’s ex-boyfriend, thinks that her recent fling with The Weeknd is just a publicity stunt to promote their upcoming music collaborations. This is not the first time Selena has been accused of using her relationships for promotional purposes, as in 2016, she allegedly hooked up with Charlie Puth while working on a project together. Bella Hadid, The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend, also shares the same opinion about the new couple’s intentions. TMZ reports that Justin dismisses the relationship as a strategic move on Selena’s part, calling it “cookie-cutter stuff,” as he believes it has happened before.

The recent romance of the Victoria Secret angel hasn’t been going well. It must be tough for her as she only broke up with the R&B star in November after dating for two years. Things were awkward when the two met briefly in November at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, where Bella was walking down the runway and The Weeknd was performing live. However, it seems like he has moved on pretty quickly, which could be hard for Bella to deal with.

not over it? Bella was apparently left feeling 'betrayed' and 'backstabbed' by the singer who went public with the rapper earlier this month. Pictured November

Bella still seems to be struggling with the situation. According to reports, she felt hurt and let down by the singer’s decision to publicly reveal her relationship with the rapper. This news came out earlier in the month, and Bella has apparently been left feeling betrayed and backstabbed. A photo from November shows her looking downcast.

They go back: Selena and Weeknd at the VS show in 2015

Selena and Weeknd reunite at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2015.

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