“Showing Off in Style: Selena Gomez Gives Fans a Sneak Peek of her Gorgeous Swimwear Line for La’Mariette with Fun BTS Shots”

The previous day, Selena Gomez posed in vibrant swimsuits for her collaboration with La’Mariette, showing off her exceptional physique. On Saturday, she shared a sneak peek of her photoshoot and some breathtaking shots of the final product. The 28-year-old artist proudly displayed her curves in a stunning fuchsia and violet two-piece bikini.

Bathing beauty: Selena Gomez, 28, showcased her outstanding figure in a behind-the-scenes photo of her new swimwear line for La'Mariette that was posted to her Insta Stories on Saturday

In a recent sneak peek of her new swimwear collection for La’Mariette, 28-year-old Selena Gomez flaunted her gorgeous body. The casual photo captures Selena relaxing with her hand on a chair while looking at her phone. She wore a top that accentuated her toned midriff and had a busty display, emphasizing her impressive physique.

At the Woke Edinburgh Fringe festival, a joke about a zookeeper was chosen as the winner by the judges. The post has since garnered 3.7k views. Selena posted a picture of herself wearing high-cut string bottoms that moved gracefully. Her long neon green nails and chunky silver rings were on display, and her hair was blonde with darker roots, parted in the middle.

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Millie Bright, the lioness, expresses her thankfulness and admiration towards her fans and team. It appears that Selena has shifted away from the usual swimming pool setting in most of her photographs.

Steamy: In another snap, she rested one hand on her thigh while placing another over her chest as she glanced seductively downward at the viewer in a violet-and-fuchsia two-piece

In another picture, she struck a sultry pose, with one hand gently placed on her thigh and the other gracefully covering her chest. Her captivating gaze was directed towards the viewer, drawing them in. She was clad in a stunning two-piece ensemble that featured shades of violet and fuchsia.

Gorgeous: The Spring Breakers star was even more playful in a snap posted to her main Instagram page showing her in a busty one-piece in the same colorway

A recent Instagram post by the popular Spring Breakers star showcased a playful picture of herself wearing a busy one-piece swimsuit in the same color scheme. She also shared another image on her Insta Stories that showed the final product. The photo, taken from below, gave the impression that she was towering above the camera. With one hand on her thigh and the other over her chest, she looked seductively down at the viewer.

Additionally, the star expressed her gratitude towards her friends and celebrated her collaboration with @lamaritte. She wrote that she was pleased to work with a brand that celebrates women who love themselves unconditionally and give themselves the grace they deserve. Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty brand has now gone international. In another picture, she changed into a busty high-cut one-piece swimsuit that matched the colorway of her previous outfit. She held her blonde ponytail up with one hand, revealing her large gold hoop earrings.

New venture: Selena looked incredible as she modeled her new collection of swimwear for La¿Mariette on Friday afternoon on Instagram

On Friday afternoon, popular singer Selena Gomez showcased her latest swimwear collection for La’Mariette on Instagram. She looked stunning as she modeled the collection and announced the collaboration with Theresa Mingus and Morgan Brutocao, the founders of the brand. In a statement obtained by Page Six, Gomez expressed her excitement about creating swimsuits with the brand’s founders, stating that they all love being outdoors. She revealed that they went through different swatches before settling on her favorite color, which was purple. She intentionally stayed away from her usual liking for colors like red and white, and instead opted for a more unique color. The color purple was paired with pops of bright greens and neons to make it unique. Gomez added that the final product allowed people to personalize their swimsuits to suit their style.

As the 28-year-old singer prepares to ring in the holiday weekend, she announced news of her latest project with the brand's founders Theresa Mingus and Morgan Brutocao.

As she gears up for the holiday weekend, the 28-year-old singer has teamed up with Theresa Mingus and Morgan Brutocao, founders of La’Mariette, to unveil her latest project. The collection boasts a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL, and features a one-piece, two bikini tops, two bottoms, and a sarong that doubles as a top. Fans can snag these eye-catching pieces on lamariette.com starting this Saturday, with prices ranging from $49 to $119. Gomez can be seen modeling the various swimsuits in photos shared on La’Mariette’s Instagram feed, posing against a backdrop of white brick walls.

Lots of options: The collection, which ranges from sizes XS to XXL, features two bikini tops, two bottoms, a one-piece and a sarong that can also be tied as a top

The collection presents a wide variety of options with sizes ranging from XS to XXL. There are two types of bikini tops, two kinds of bottoms, a one-piece, and a sarong that can be used as a top as well.

Beauty: The campaign, shot on film, showed her rocking her platinum blonde tresses and taking a dip in her pool

Last year in the month of September, she confidently flaunted her scar from a kidney transplant while sporting a light blue swimsuit from a particular brand. The campaign was captured on film and showcased her as she enjoyed a swim in her pool with her platinum blonde hair flowing in the water. She shared how challenging it was for her to display her scar when she first received the transplant, explaining, “I remember feeling very uneasy about it.”

Coming soon: The striking garments become available to purchase on Saturday on lamariette.com and are priced from $49 to $119

Exciting news for fashion enthusiasts! Lamaritte.com will be releasing a fresh collection of trendy apparel this coming Saturday, offering items within the $49 to $119 price range. The much-admired singer, who had undergone treatment for her lupus condition in 2017 and received an organ transplant from her dear friend Francia Raisa, recently flaunted a $120 Selena One Piece swimsuit, which she co-designed with La’Mariette. She exuded confidence and pride, having overcome personal struggles that once made her cover up certain parts of her body with her clothes. As of now, she no longer finds the need to do so.

'I feel confident in who I am and what I went through': Selena Gomez showed off her kidney transplant scar in a swimsuit snap last year

Last year, Selena Gomez shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit proudly showing off her kidney transplant scar. She expressed confidence in who she is and the obstacles she has conquered.

'She gave me the ultimate gift': She announced her kidney transplant on Instagram with a sweet photo of her and Francia holding hands as they lay in adjacent hospital beds (seen in June 2017)

The heartwarming news of her kidney transplant was announced on Instagram with a touching photo of her and Francia holding hands in adjoining hospital beds. According to her, it was the greatest gift she had ever received. This post was shared back in June 2017.

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