“Stealing the Show: Selena Gomez’s Fearless Fashion Choice at Rudderless Premiere in the Aftermath of Bieber Split”

Selena Gomez caused quite a stir at the premiere of Rudderless in Los Angeles. The 22-year-old singer and actress looked absolutely stunning in a revealing mini-dress that showed off her toned legs. Although there have been rumors of a split between her and her on-again/off-again partner Justin Bieber, Selena appeared unfazed and every bit the glamorous movie star on the red carpet. Interestingly, there are reports that she had allegedly unfollowed Justin on Instagram just before the event.

Sending a message? Selena Gomez donned a plunging mini-dress to the Los Angeles premiere of Rudderless on Tuesday, following her reported split from Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez looked absolutely fabulous in a captivating low-cut mini dress during the Rudderless premiere in Los Angeles. Despite the rumors surrounding her alleged split from Justin Bieber, she exuded confidence and happiness as she posed for photos with her beautifully-styled hair up in an elegant bun and stunning drop earrings to complete her look. Selena confidently rocked the ensemble with a pair of sleek black heels, showcasing her relaxed and cheerful demeanor. While she has only appeared in a handful of recent films, her performances in crime drama Spring Breakers alongside James Franco and action thriller Getaway with Ethan Hawke were both noteworthy.



As Selena made her way down the red carpet, her toned and slender legs were on full display, indicating that she has certainly worked hard to keep her body in shape.

Take that! The 22-year-old stopped following her on-off beau on social media

Bam! The 22-year-old lady has made up her mind to stop following her partner who she has been in an on-and-off relationship with on social media.

Pretty as a picture: Selena revealed a cheeky hint of her back tattoo as she turned around to work her magic in front of the camera 

Selena Gomez never fails to amaze her fans with her stunning looks. Recently, she gave her followers a sneak peek of her back tattoo while posing for a photoshoot. But it seems that the singer-actress has taken on a more serious role in William H. Macy’s directorial debut movie Rudderless. Selena plays the character of Kate, the ex-girlfriend of Josh Manning, who was killed in a mass shooting tragedy. Macy has described the movie as a story of redemption and praised Billy Crudup’s performance, saying that the audience will be rooting for him to succeed.

Lady in red: The Come & Get It singer looked gorgeous in her shiny garment

The beautiful songstress of Come & Get It looked absolutely gorgeous in her sparkling red attire.



With a beaming smile and infectious laughter, Selena seems to be in high spirits. Her latest film, Rudderless, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, featuring well-known actors like Jamie Chung and Laurence Fishburne. The movie, directed by William H. Macy, also includes a special appearance by the director himself as the bar owner. Excitingly enough, Rudderless is set to hit theaters in the US on October 17th. Despite having this amazing opportunity, Selena’s mind seems to be occupied with other things. Recent reports reveal that she has unfollowed her on-again, off-again boyfriend on Instagram. This comes after he was spotted enjoying drinks with her model friend, Kendall Jenner, during Paris Fashion Week.

Co-star love: Selena posed with William H Macy and Felicity Huffman

Selena experienced a delightful instance with William H Macy and Felicity Huffman, who are also her co-stars, and they captured the moment by taking a photo together.

Mr Popular: Selena and Felicity seemed to be having a cute play-fight over William as they posed together on the red carpet 

As William walked down the red carpet, both Selena and Felicity playfully vied for his attention. Selena later tweeted about feeling inadequate and turning to God for comfort. She also recognized the importance of learning difficult lessons in life.

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

The celebrity appeared to be flirting and not thinking about Justin. It is unclear if her social media posts have anything to do with Justin hanging out with Kendall. Selena had a disagreement with Kendall and Kylie Jenner after they went to a music festival together. There were reports that Selena found texts from Kylie on Justin’s phone, which caused the conflict. However, in April, Selena apparently resolved the issue with the Kardashians and realized she overreacted. A source says Selena has always been a fan of the Jenner girls and doesn’t have any problems with them.

Plenty to smile about: In spite of her recent romantic turmoil, Selena looked happy and relaxed as she enjoyed her night out at the event 

Plenty to smile about: In spite of her recent romantic turmoil, Selena looked happy and relaxed as she enjoyed her night out at the event 

Despite Selena’s recent relationship struggles, she appeared happy and relaxed while attending the event. Her positive energy was infectious and could brighten up anyone’s day.

Off again? The pair pictured in July together

Heading out for another adventure? Remember that lovely couple captured in a photo from last July, walking side by side?

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